烟台大宸食品有限is located in Yantai Economic and Technological Development Zone, 198 Tianshan Road, is set deep processing of aquatic products to facilitate the processing of rice, domestic and foreign trade, aquatic research and development in one of the large Sino-foreign joint ventures, the EU has been registered and the United States HACCP certification (plant code 3700 / 02441). Company covers an area of 120,000 square meters, construction area of 43,000 square meters, employees 1,500 people, with international quality certification standards of modern production workshop five, finished cold storage 10,000 tons, 20000 tons of raw materials cold storage, factory hardware and software configuration in line with EU and FDA directive . Strong technical force, processing, testing equipment, advanced process design, strict operation of the HACCP quality management system. We use deep-sea fish raw materials, using frozen, dry, conditioning, fried and other exquisite craftsmanship of intensive processing, aquatic products processing capacity of 20,000 tons, is divided into frozen, dry, conditioning, frying four series , More than 100 kinds of separate products. Frozen series include salmon, cod, red fish and other fillet products, all kinds of squid products, and crab, shrimp, shellfish processing; drying series, including squid plate, squid silk, cod fish, fish and other products; Series, including charcoal grilled squid, dip powder squid, seasoned fish rafts, tempura and other products. Our products are fresh nutrition, health and delicious, exported to Europe, the Americas, Oceania and Asian markets, welcomed by consumers.

    Yantai Dachen Food Co., Ltd. adhering to the "excellent reputation, good quality, excellent service" business philosophy to high-quality and stable product quality, high-speed response and delivery capacity to meet customer needs, has won the trust of customers. From the ocean, into the life, we would like to refined products, to bring the world a good consumer to enjoy life. More willing to expand cooperation with all sectors of business, enhance exchanges, go hand in hand, create brilliant.

 Seeing the world, heart casting fine, excellent quality so that we will never pursue .....

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